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For Job Seekers

Search for perfect job-slot is difficult and most of the times, unsatisfying. Often it takes too long to get into right slot. We, at PCT, have right slot for right people.


You may be highly qualified. You may have scored excellent grades in your examinations. You may have good experience and desire to go too far. But unless you get into right job-slot, you will not be able to get what you deserve. We at PCT help you in getting right worth of yours.
There is always a slot vacant at the top. We, at PCT, help you in getting into right slot.


Consulting Opportunities

Building long lasting relationship with our clients and providing more than satisfying experience is the philosophy, on which PCT works.

Fairness and honesty reflects in all our dealings and consulting services.

PCT consultants are highly qualified, exprenced and posses sharp technical skills. They quickly adapt to client's working culture, understand his business mission and project needs. They manage the task professionally and leave no stone unturned to deliver their best.

If you are an information system professional and would like to join our world class team, feel free to contact us at our address.

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Matching Employee and Employer Requirements

We bring employee and employer togther and build a perfect match.

For Employers

For optimum output of an organization, each position has to have a right person working for it. Any mismatch, at any time, is potential loss. We at PCT, provide suitable manpower for your task-requirements.


Search for right candidate for a post is always time consuming and full of risk factors. We, at PCT, help you in miniminizing your search and achieving best results.


We at PCT, bridge the expectation gaps of employee and employer.
Get the maximum benefit of our resources and experience. That's the shortest path to success.